How to take care of your wooden standing desk?

Oak is a special and unique material that creates a warm and pleasant environment. Seisuk wooden adjustable tables are made of high-quality oak and are treated in the same way as wood for kitchen countertops. However, this natural material needs a little more care and love to serve you longer. Here are some tips to increase the life of your wooden table.

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Care and cleaning

The wooden work surface should be cleaned once a week or two with a damp cloth.

For stains, first try to clean the surface with lukewarm water and a soft microfiber cloth. If this does not work, use a mild detergent, such as soapy water (1 tablespoon of dish soap) mixed with one liter of lukewarm water). In addition, a special care product with added wood nourishing elements can be used. 

We recommend maintaining the oak wood with oil about once every two years, more often if necessary. Treating the wood surface with natural wood oil nourishes the wood and gradually makes it more durable. Special oil wax is also on sale in our e-shop.

If the surface of the product appears rough and dry, or has a defect that you want to remove, the product needs to be lightly sanded (150-200) before oiling. When sanding, follow the direction of the wood grain and sand along the pattern. If there is a rough spot or other defect on the table, you can use sandpaper also only in the specific spot, no need to sand the whole table. 

Before oiling, dust the surface of the product with a dry cloth or sponge! When oiling, pour the oil on a colorless cloth (not on the table!) And rub a thin layer on the wood surface towards the wood grain pattern. Allow the oil to soak into the wood for 20 minutes and remove the remaining oil with a clean, dry, colorless cloth (such as white kitchen paper). If you use tinted oil, apply the oil to the surface of the wood as described above, but remove it immediately from the surface of the product with dry paper by rubbing towards the wood pattern. This prevents the oil from drying out on the wood surface.


Wood is sometimes a capricious material. Maintain a constant room temperature between 15-25 ° C and a humidity level between 40-55%. Strong differences in temperature and humidity can damage your wood surface, causing cracks and bends. Therefore, we recommend placing the table away from heat sources such as heaters and fireplaces. Windows with strong sunlight should also be avoided. Excessive sun can change the color of the wood.

Hot and cold objects (glass, coffee cup, etc.) that come into contact with the wooden surface can leave marks on the table surface and damage them, therefore we recommend using cup holders.

Clean dirt or stains quickly - you get better results with less effort!

Do not use powdered, abrasive or other corrosive cleaners, such as bleach, hydrogen peroxide, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid or alkali. You will also find a gentle cleanser here.

In case of major damage, you will find help from the wood master.
In case of scratches or burns, consult a professional carpenter. The beauty of wood is, among other things, that it is durable and repairable. If you think that the surface of the wood is irreversibly damaged, it is wise to contact a carpenter. The carpenter can undoubtedly offer you a solution to give your desk a new look. Or you can always ask us for help.

Happy standing!