How to organize wiring and equipment on and around the desk?

Height-adjustable table and cable management is an art in itself. If a lot of cables and wires hang around your desk, it can cause excessive stress and sometimes even cause unwanted accidents.

To keep the overall impression beautiful and aesthetic both at home and in the office, we will share with you tricks on how to solve it in style.

So how do you professionally organize your adjustable table? Let's talk about several possibilities.

Consider the layout of the extension cord

To create a beautiful result in table cabling, first think about your cabling. You usually connect your wires to the first plug that comes in. We recommend attaching the extension cord to the table top so that only one cord ends up hanging from the table.

As a special solution, it is also possible to mount the extension cord socket inside the table top, if the accessibility of the sockets is an important argument. This solution remains stylish and comfortable.

Cable channel

If you want to organize the wires falling off the table beautifully, we would recommend the following - a cable channel under the edge of the table, where you can nicely put the monitor, computer charger and other wires and connect them with an extension cord fastened with screws under the table. Then there will be only one wire that falls off the table.


Cable Tray

The cable tray helps to organize the wires hanging from the table. The disadvantage is that if the length of the wires differs, the end result remains less organized than with a cable channel.

Computer holder

Create a more functional, pleasant and organized work environment with a smart computer holder. This will help you reduce cable tension and free up floor space.

The computer holder is a great accessory for a height-adjustable desk. The computer holder is easy to install directly under the desk and is suitable for most computers - just adjust it to the right size for your computer!

Following these tips in both the office and home office will help you reduce clutter in your workspace and increase efficiency and productivity throughout the day.