A desk that grows with child

A height-adjustable desk is ideal for a home with children. The most important advantage over a "regular" table is that the height can be adjusted with millimeter accuracy ifneeded, which ensures that the adjustable table is ergonomic for the child at all times until adulthood.

säädettävä työpöytä lapselle

Table grows with child

The lowest height of height-adjustable desk is lower (approx. 65 cm) than on a standard desk (approx. 75 cm), which means that even a small school child can work in front of it. The bigger child grows the higher the adjustable desk can be raised. There is no need to change the table over time. The lifting mechanism of our stands is very durable and also withstands the curious and quick fingers of children, for whom the control panel is very attractive.

Suitable for children of all ages

The control console with memories allows you to record the heights at which it is most comfortable for the child to write, draw or craft schoolwork while sitting or standing. An adjustable desk allows both a 6-year-old preschooler and a 15-year-old adolescent to take turns studying at one desk, ensuring an ergonomic sitting or standing position that supports a growing body in both cases.

Healthy habits for life

A standing table is a gentle way to teach a child to notice the need of his body to move and react accordingly - if the thought seems to be wandering or the lower body is a little tense, you can figure out homework while standing. Caring for and stretching your body is a value that creates the basis for healthy habits for a lifetime. Stretching is one of the easiest ways to take care of your body.

As a parent, you are no doubt familiar with the fact that words are not as effective as an example, and if the height adjustable desk is already brought home, it is a good way to convey the message: “Taking care of your body and physical activity is important and we are ready to support it. If you feel good, I feel good too! ”

Happy child = happy parent

An electrically adjustable table is not a cost but an investment. An investment in physical and mental well-being, because by the end of the day, the whole family will be happier if the child feels good in their body and the school work is done nicely. When attention is sharper, the body is strong and maintained, the willingness to cooperate is so much better.

Long - term investment

The child may not yet appreciate the value of such an investment according to your expectations and contribution, but will certainly be very grateful for it in the future.

And if your child is at school or playing outdoors, maybe you can even use that awesome desk by yourself.