Dizziness and tension in the neck - find a smart solution to your problems here!

Unfortunately, working in front of a computer leaves a mark on my health, and this has been proven to me by ten years of office work. A few years ago, I was assigned glasses that make it easier to look at the screen. However, the problem of back and neck pain has not been completely solved.

Sitting in front of a computer inevitably creates a forced position. It's not uncommon for me to find out just before lunch that I've been sitting in front of a computer for three hours straight without getting up. It is no wonder that the back and neck hurt after that. I have received some relief from visiting a masseur, but I do not want to spend money on massages several times a month. However, my employer can be praised for the fact that a massage chair has been bought for our office. Chair helps a bit to relieve the tensions accumulating during the day.

In reality, however, there is one smart way to get rid of various back pains: you should stand up behind a computer desk. Of course, an adult cannot stand behind the most common table at a height of one meter. The perfect helper here is Seisuk!

Seisuk is a table with adjustable legs, behind where everyone can choose the height that suits them. With the memory remote control, you can store 4 desired heights and then select the appropriate position with a simple press of a button. In other words, Seisuk is suitable for all kinds of heights.

For the Seisuk team it only takes 20 minutes to install the desk legs. The cheapest option is to order desk legs for your existing table top. However, if you want to buy a new table top, you can also order Seisuk with a high-quality processed oak wood, veneer or MDF table top.

Massiivipuu sähköpöydät

So what changed after Seisuk arrived in my office life?

When I got to work in the morning, I sat for an hour or two as usual, then raised the desk and standed behind it untilI I got tired then I made a change. Before Seisuk after half a day I was tired and wanted to sleep, but now I had so much more energy.

When I got home on the first night, I discovered that I was not as tired as usual. If otherwise I fell on the couch first and watched TV for hours, now I had a decent dinner and went to workout instead.