Seisuk - a step into the modern work environment

Seisuk has come up with a smart solution to turn an old office desk into an ergonomic desk that supports the activity and well-being of employees throughout the day.

Adjustable table legs make the work environment flexible and support body movement. When sitting becomes tiring, Seisuk can be raised higher  with only one touch of a button and you can easily continue working on a standing position. Studies have shown that working some time upright and some time sitting significantly reduces neck and back pain and increases the body's energy burn by 50 kilocalories per hour.

Seisuk offers both: the service of transforming an existing desktop into a height regulated desk and also completely new desks.

Massiivipuu sähköpöytä

Why choose Seisuk table frame?

The service offered by Seisuk is unique precisely because the old desk is turned into a new and modern height regulated desk. "We will make the old table new by taking a person's existing table top and replacing the old table legs with new height-adjustable table legs," says Markus Murruste, a representative of Seisuk Furniture OÜ, adding that you can choose between two-, three- and four-legged versions.

There are several benefits to turning an existing desk into a standing desk. Giving a new function to a piece of furniture is much cheaper and more environmentally friendly and promotes an environmentally friendly attitude. "The problem nowadays is that we throw away our things too easily, instead of refreshing them a bit and giving them a new breath," says Murruste, adding that it only takes 20 minutes to change a table from old to new.

"It is likely that the existing table top has been carefully selected and goes well with the interior design of an office or home. So you can save time on finding a whole new desk. There are three different colors of legs in the selection, so you will definitely find a shade that matches the existing tabletop, ”he says.

It takes about 20 minutes to create one desk, and more detailed requirements for tabletops can be found here.

Seisuk can also be ordered with a brand new table top.

How does Seisuk work?

With the memory-equipped remote control, you can store four favorite heights and confirm the appropriate position at the touch of a button. In other words - Seisuk suits for all kinds of heights. Thanks to the saved positions, you can also change the table with colleagues without losing your favorite positions.

Interested? Get yourself a Seisuk here.