Standing desk - importer of joy

You know that movement is important, right? But have you ever thought that being able to move your body is a privilege? A privilege that we take for granted. We sit for hours and hours before we notice the need to stretch our body. You've probably had so many days when morning turns into lunchtime and you have not stood up for once? "I will reply to this letter and then…". Is it familiar?

seisova pöytä toimistoon ja kotitoimistoon

Daily exercise is a must

Conscious and regular physical activity is essential for a long-lasting healthy feeling, and it would be unfortunate not to use this privilege. Physiotherapist Georg Laasik knows well from his professional experience how our bodies are screaming more and more for change, because forced positions are often the cause for seeking help. Be it sitting or standing for an unnaturally long time. Extremes are stressful to the body and sometimes even devastating. Based on the basics of ergonomics, Georg recommends following the principle "Every next position is the best position!". The body is happiest when moving and changing positions, because staring a computer with a straight back can cause serious tension, which can even become irreversible over a long period of time.

Just do the opposite. Lean on one side from time to time, then on the other, stand up and sit again. That's how, in natural movement, your muscles develop (even those you wouldn't otherwise use) and your joints are maintained.

Adjustable table changes the mood

What happens when the problems of the body decrease or disappear altogether?

You will feel better, your work efficiency will increase, your ability to concentrate will intensify, you will be more creative, open and positive. You don't have to constantly struggle with subconscious calibration, in which the body keeps trying to ignore tension points and focus on work. How much energy it takes to tune yourself!

Basic needs before self-realization

It is debatable, but in all likelihood, you will not reach  Maslow pyramid, or self-realization, until the basic or physiological needs are met - to take care of your body and provide it with a healthy amount of physical activity. Daily movement is the most important starting position to aim for. Even a little more getting up, walking up the stairs, stretching can help. Consciously capture moments that provide an opportunity to take a step further.

An ergonomic or height-adjustable table is not necessarily a treatment, but it helps to prevent and alleviate possible discomfort and pain in your body. And who wouldn't want to feel good in their body?

The article was prepared in collaboration with physiotherapist Georg Laasik.