Single Motor Vs. Dual Motor Standing Desks: Which Is Better?

If you are deciding between different height-adjustable desks, you have probably come across two main options: the dual motor version and the one motor version. Visually, they may look similar, but in reality the difference is quite big.

The best choice considering the cost

The price to be paid for the table now seems at first as a big expense. However, it can also be a bigger expense to pay later if you still want to replace a single motor table. Single motor variants are cheaper, but in fact you should ask which is the best table according to your needs.

The best choice considering quality

If quality is important then, dual motor tables and dual motor table legs (pictured right) are undoubtedly the right choice. Single motor variants (left in the picture) are generally those where the engine is not built-in and the shaft runs towards the other leg from below. This shaft can run against your feet and clothes. In the case of the dual engine version, the built-in engines ensure smoothness, durability and a stylish appearance.

The best choice considering long term durability

Most desk sellers classify the dual engine version as their base model, as this option is designed to last a long time. The longer the desk llast, the more profitable the investment. If you are looking for long-lasting tables for offices or homes, then the dual motor version is definitely a better choice than the one motor version.

The best choice considering the installation

Single motor boards generally require additional pieces to connect the non-motor foot to the motor. The dual engine feet have built-in motors and therefore fewer chunks. Fewer pieces mean less assembly time.


When to prefer a single motor table? In fact, practically never. That is why in Seisuk we mainly offer height-adjustable tables and table legs with two motors.

If the budget is really minimal, you will also find single-motorized adjustable table legs in the Seisuk selection. However, if at all possible, we would still recommend gathering a little strength and purchasing a proper two motor solution. We also offer a unique service - we make your old office desk adjustable.