Why Seisuk?

We are actually interested in you

Seisuk is a company specialized in standing desks and ergonomic office furniture. Seisuk sells office furniture that is beautiful and with high-quality, designed to promote healthy and ergonomic workplace, where everything is possible. 

We understand, that there is no one right way to work. Sitting behind an office desk in the same position for 8 hours is a long outdated style. In the Seisuk online store, you can find everything to create an ergonomic workstation for your needs.

Don't keep the good stuff only for yourself

Like all the best inventions in the world, Seisuk also started out of necessity. There is a need to move during the working day and it is also necessary to stand sometimes. After noticing how much progress there has been in the work results and how much energy we had at the end of the working day our friends started to also show interest in standing desks and thats how it started to expand. 

The benefit of the standing desk is not only that it allows you to work while standing, but it also allows you to adjust the height of the desk to suit your sitting position. We are all in different heights, and no standard desk can possibly fit everyone. Here is where Seisuk comes to rescue. From our own experience, we can say that after working behind standing desk there is no going back. 

"Everything we sell has been tested and tried by our own team. We only sell and develop furniture, we fully believe in." - Markus Murruste, Karl Kuusk

How can we be useful to you?

Our customer service is personal and we really care about each of our customer. That's exactly what Seisuk is and what it means. We will do our best to find you the perfect solution.

High quality. Great commitment. Truly personal

We give you the opportunity to love your own work more and be more in touch with your body. For your brain to work its fullest speed, a person's physical and mental work must be balanced. Stand, lean, sit, tilt, swing and keep your brain blood supply healthy and functioning during all day long.

Wide selection

Seisuk's selection includes many different table frames and table top models. Solid wood, melamine, laminate, round, straight, matte or glossy - we really don't have any limits. Choose the dimensions of the table top and tabletop material and suitable accessories according to your personal wishes. In our selection, you will also find really special solid wood table tops made by the golden hands of a carpenter. They are made with so much love and care. Choose a finger joint, a long lamella or a timelessly stylish and unique herringbone and allow yourself a piece of perfection. In addition to our standard selection, we also manufacture table tops according to the customer's wished dimensions and wild ideas.

We have tried and tested several table frame models and the ones we sell are best ones in the market. Choose more affordable single-motor ECO, stylish and functional two-motor SMART, our strongest model PRO or our newest model round leg CIRCLE. Which model would suit you best?

We will help you to decorate your office from zero to hundred

When decorating an office with Seisuk, you can be sure that the overall solution has been created with best practices, modern style and ergonomics in mind. A customer-oriented approach is most important to Seisuk. During the first meeting, we listen to your thoughts and needs and help you find the best solution.

With Seisuk's product category, you can create an office that fits any price. At the beginning of the project, we agree whether we will focus on a specific end result, the best price, or something completely different. Our team has helped create thousands of workstations and decorate stylish office spaces. the goal of every project is an end result that exceeds expectations.

Seisuk is green

We offer you the opportunity to use your existing table top and turn it into a standing desk with the help of our adjustable table frame. Whether your old desk is wooden carved heirloom from your grandmother or simple table top that matches your existing furniture, put adjustable frame underneath it and give it a new lease of life.

Our wooden table tops have the FSC label, which means that the wooden material comes from a responsibly managed forest that equally values ​​the natural environment, communities and economic vitality.

Warranty is not just something we say

We always have a large amount of goods stocked in our warehouse and warranty cases are usually resolved within a few business days or even on the same day. Seisuk is a successful, reliable and growing company, and we will be there for you even 10 to 20 years from now. At Seisuk, you can find good after-sales service, the necessary information and skills, and of course all the spare parts. Seisuk is here to stay for the long run!

Feel good in your body and do your best work

In addition, we have wide selection of accessories for standing desks, with what each customer can create an ergonomic office corner that suits the best. In our selection, you will find everything you need to create a perfect ergonomic workstation, from an extension cord to a table lamp. Like Seisuk's tables and chairs, the table's accessories have also been chosen with better support for the human body. Hide the wires, bring the screen to eye level and work healthy!

The ideal partner for your standing desk is an ergonomic chair. Finding the right chair among hundreds of models can be challenging. We have made your decision much easier by only selling the creme de la creme of the ergonomic chairs. Active sitting keeps your body moving and your mind sharp so you can be the best at what you do. We have tested all models carefully by our team and definitely will find the right one for each customer.

Large stock

Our warehouse works at the lightning speed and in most cases we ship the products within a few hours after receiving the order. We can immediately ship out more than a thousand table sets from our warehouse. Our e-shop product selection is connected to our actual stock situation, and when you choose products, you immediately get an accurate info of ​​when you can expect your order. Customers receive most of our products in 1–4 business days.

Assembling the products is easy, the instructions are included in the box and of course we will always help you if needed.

Furniture wouldn't have any sense without people

Customers feedback, opinions, comments, hints and user experiences guide and inspire us. They are our fuel and our horse power. We warmly welcome our customers' ideas, and we strive to develop and become even better at every step.

Our customer service is fast, accurate and caring. We are at your service Mon–Fri 9–17 by e-mail and phone. Feel free to contact us!

Have you already stood up today?