A Caring Employer - Is It Worth The Effort?

       No triumph occurs overnight, and if you are an entrepreneur with a vision of long-term success, you need to be prepared to adjust your actions accordingly.

ergonomiset toimistokalusteet

Contributing to the physical well-being of employees is not very often at the top of a company's list of priorities when managing more 'earthly' problems absorbs most of the energy and its direct benefits do not seem to have a measurable impact. However, standing up for the health and well-being of employees is not just the domain of hipster startups. To be seen, heard and cared for - these are the basic human needs, the basis that holds everything together. 

If you want to be a great long term  employer, not a temporary comet's flash in the sky, then "Maybe I should think ..." is not enough. Not in today's world. The * real * necessary measures must be taken.

But why is it important to take care of the physical well-being of employees?

The employee who is cared more, has more motivation  and energy

An employee whose body is healthy and therefore does not have to worry about discomfort caused by working conditions is much more efficient. Really, more work will be done.

Prevention is more sustainable

Closing your eyes and ignoring problems is one option, but remember that long-term story we told at first? Prevention is definitely a more cost-effective strategy.

Take your time and evaluate the situation - and what else can be done to reduce or eliminate the ailments caused by forced postures. Ask and find out directly from those involved. If necessary, bring specialists. Take action.

Feeling good helps to be more creative

The more pleasant the employee's physical well-being is, the more he or she will be creative, cooperative and flexible. The implementation of changes is smoother and the ability to concentrate is quite another level.

Long - term partnership

Every entrepreneur secretly dreams that his best employees will never leave, just to avoid possible setbacks. The good news is that the mental, physical and social well-being of the employee plays a very important role in this eternal partnership, all what is done by you as an employer.

Employee as a brand ambassador

A well-kept employee is loyal and proud of his or her employer, thisway increasing the competitiveness of your company. A satisfied employee is a real brand ambassador (there is no need to hire influencers) - he reflects an appreciative image that is invaluable to the employer.

Have you noticed how some companies are able to recruit the best talent? How do they do that? No, it's not just a salary number. The secret lies in the wonderful compote, where the physical well-being of the employee is much higher than one might think at first glance.

Coming back to the question - is it worth it? 

 Yes  it is worth it, so worth it.

Is the physical well-being of your company's employees maintained?