Top productivity in your home office

More and more, we move our working routine either partially or completely to a home office. Whether the reason is difficult situation of recent years, technological development, the desire to save on commuting costs or the need for flexible work hours alongside the family - the trend of home offices is in any case on the rise.

It's very nice to sit on the sofa in a bathrobe with a cup of coffee and a laptop, that's for sure. However, we would like to share a few suggestions on how you can make your working life at home more comfortable and productive.

When working in a home office, the work usually starts as soon as you get out of bed. Sometimes you lift the computer in front of your nose while you are still under the covers. It may seem convenient in the short term, but in the long term it is a path to burnout. Soon you don't have any idea what time the workday begins or ends and there is no specific resting time. Seems like you work all day long.

How to create a pleasant working day and a productive home office?

  • Create your own rhythm and routine. Start with a healthy breakfast, take off your pajamas and give your workday a good start. Plan a certain working time for yourself, so that the workday does not drag on for the whole day. Remember that you need enough rest for long lasting success. If possible, give yourself 2 rest days in a row each week.
  • Increase your efficiency with the pomodoro technique. Focus on work intensely for 25 minutes and then reward yourself with a 5-minute rest break. Our ability to concentrate decreases after 25 minutes, after which we need a break to continue working productively. As a result of working this way, the quality of the work results increases significantly. Seisuk's favorite online pomodoro tracker.
  • Create tidy and organized place to work. There are several solutions and you will surely find one that suits best for your home and budget. A separate work corner helps to focus better on work and maintain concentration, it is easier to get in and out of work rhythm.
  • Don't forget the ergonomic way of working, so that the blood circulation of the brain gets oxygen and productivity is at its peak. A big favorite of our customers is the stylish two-motor electric desk SMART. Choose desk accessories according to your needs and create a comfortable home office for yourself.
  • Keep your desk and schedule organized. Prioritize your work tasks and do concentrated work hours. Find the right program to organize your thoughts and tasks. If possible, mute private messages from your phone and computer during the work day, and you'll see how your productivity increases in no time. Keep your desk tidy with a stylish desk drawer.
  • When you have a job where you have to move around a lot, then a laptop stand with gas spring is a good help for you. Compact, beautiful and easy to transport. Use the computer stand on the kitchen table, in the hotel room or on any surface you use for working. Suitable for working while you want to stand a bit and for you to raise the computer at the right height while sitting.

  • For a lunch break, step away from your work desk. Don't eat in a hurry in front of the screen and give your body a chance to rest and gather energy. If possible, go for a walk in the fresh air - a reboot for both body and mind.
  • Stand and move while working. Stand 10-minutes for every hour that you work. Walk around in the room during phone calls. Find creative solutions to move as much as possible during the work day. The standing mat makes using the electric table even more pleasant. The ergonomic standing mat significantly reduces the tension and muscle fatigue on the legs and back.
  • Sit actively. Have you heard of a wobble chair? When sitting on a wobble chair, you'r body maintains correct posture and at the same time it is exercise for your back and abdominal muscles. Blood circulation improves, the pressure on the diaphragms is evenly distributed and the brain receives more oxygen, which is why the ability to concentrate also improves. Use the wobble chair alternately between standing and sitting on a regular office chair. It takes up little space and thanks to the adjustable height it is suitable for all family members .
  • When you work from home, it's as if you never leave the office, and it's tempting to answer emails even in the evenings. Don't do it. Turn off all work notifications on your phone and don't check them before morning. Keep your work day structured and give yourself enough rest. In the long run, this is the only way to save your health and sanity.

And you know what's most important?

To enjoy your workday! We spend about 8 hours every day working and it is very important that we enjoy what we do, so that we could enjoy our life to the fullest.